Skin Bumps (Milia)

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Having skin bumps or “milia” is actually pretty common. Our bodies naturally produce a substance called keratin and when this substance is trapped beneath our skin, tiny cysts tend to form. Though these cysts are harmless, they can be annoying to look at and many people would rather see them go away. If you struggle with the appearance of these skin bumps, trying to get rid of them yourself may put you at risk of getting an infection. Instead of taking the risk, get in touch with our team at Radiant Women’s Health. At our center, we can utilize the powerful TempSure® Envi radiofrequency device to improve the look of your skin without downtime.

What Causes Skin Bumps?

Milia skin bumps are either primary or secondary. Primary milia occur when the skin traps in keratin. They are common on the faces of both infants and adults. Secondary milia look the same as their primary cousins, but tend to grow after debris clogs the pores on the surface of the skin. Blockage in the pores can happen after an injury, a burn, or blistering. Regardless of their cause, these unsightly growths can effectively be removed or reduced using our TempSure® Envi treatment.

What Are the Signs?

These specific skin bumps do not cause very many symptoms beyond their unpleasant appearance. However, some people have reported experiencing rashes due to milia growths under their eyes or on their eyelids. Generally, most people choose to treat milia for cosmetic rather than medical reasons. Whether you’re experiencing irritation or simply want the growth gone for cosmetic reasons, we can help.

Skin bumps around a woman's eye

Treating Skin Bumps With TempSure® Envi

In addition to providing skin-tightening benefits, our TempSure® Envi device is also an excellent choice for improving your complexion. The radiofrequency energy used by this device penetrates deeply into your skin, stimulating the production of collagen while removing the rough texture and uneven pigmentation. This process can remove milia from your skin and promote the skin’s natural healing properties. After a few quick sessions with our Envi device, you can enjoy a clear skin tone with no long-term side effects.


Treating Skin Bumps in Conyers, GA

Skin growths and irritants can be annoying to deal with on your own. If you’re looking for an effective way to improve the complexion of your skin, our team here at Radiant Women’s Health can help. Get in touch with us and schedule your appointment by filling out the form below or calling (770) 860-0123 today.

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